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Parking Standards

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A consolidation of parking standards from the Citrus Glen Governing Docs:

  • parking is only on the the sidewalk side of the street, in places where there is sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk next to your car, you cannot park there.

  • You cannot park in the grass/on the sidewalk, etc. All 4 tires of the vehicle must be in the street. Cars with 2 tires completely in the grass will be immobilized.

  • You cannot block the sidewalk, either fully or partially, either from the driveway or the apron. Cars are permitted to be on the driveway apron provided they do not block the sidewalk.

  • No overnight parking anywhere on the street between 2am-6am.

  • Overnight parking is permitted in driveways or Guest Lots only. Guest lot overnight parking (2am-6am) requires registration and follows overnight parking registration rules and process posted separately. 

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