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Guest Parking Registration


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Beginning May 1st, 2023, our process for the guest parking lot parking registration is changing.  We will no longer be requiring or accepting paper parking passes for the guest parking lots, and passes will no longer be issued by the property manager (Scott).  The new process is simple and requires registration via a website that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a mobile phone, tablet or computer.  Signs will be placed in both lots to indicate the process change and the website for registration.


The booting company (and the Compliance Committee) patrolling the lots will have record of cars registered to park there overnight, so no pass will be required. However, due to the availability of this solution, notes on the dashboard will no longer be needed or accepted.  Cars not registered for overnight parking will be booted if left between 2AM –6AM.  Registration is not needed outside of these hours.

 Important Note: Parking passes will be issued on a 24 hour basis only. There will be no more 2 week continuous passes issued. You must remember to renew the registration every night before the 2AM cutoff or your vehicle will be booted.  Cars will be limited to a maximum of 15 days parking registration in any 30 day period.  Registered days are not required to be consecutively utilized.

Website for parking registration:  Click “Register Vehicle”, then type “Citrus Glen” in the search box.  Select our location and follow the remaining prompts.


Mark Avrin,

President, EEoBB/Citrus Glen HOA

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