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Fence Standards


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6' Wooden "Board on Board" style fence
6' PVC Tongue and Groove Privacy Fence

Fencing Standards

A complete detail of standards can be found in the Citrus Glen 'docs' section 11.8(k). The only deviation from those standards is that as of 2020, one additional gray color is permitted from 'haze gray' color stated in the docs. See below for color information.

  • Citrus Glen permits either wood or PVC fencing, however, we have standards regarding the installation, color and style of both.

  • For wooden fences: "Shadowbox" type fences are no longer permitted to be built, all new construction of fences must be 'board on board' style. This PVC and/or Vinly Fence must be in one of the two approved grey colors to match other fences of the same style and color (see below for colors). The Post and Borders shall also be the same grey color.

  • All Fences must be 6' Tall.You can do a Google Search for: "6' Tongue and Groove (T&G) type PVC Fence.

  • Changing your fence requires an "A&E" Form to be completed and submitted to the Association for Approval "prior" to the installation of the new.

  • No additional fences and walls may be constructed beyond those in existence, nor any materials used without prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

  • Fences shall be made of pressure treated pine or rough sawn cedar or such other materials approved by the Board of Directors which are weather and insect resistant. Fences must be finished on both sides. (2) The required design of fences is as follows: All new fences (replacements) shall be board on board. If less than 50% of an existing shadow box fence is repaired, the existing shadow box fence may remain shadow box. If the repaired fence encloses a pool, the repaired fence needs to abide to State restrictions regarding the separation of the boards. The top of fences shall be flat. If the boards have dog ears or beveled edges, the dog ears or beveled edges must face down. (3) All fences around or about a Lot that encloses a yard, shall be maintained by the Owner at the Owner’s expense. This includes the fences between the openings of the walls. This is regardless if the fence encloses Common Area. (4) The concrete masonry walls shall to be maintained by the Association as a Common Expense except that the abutting Owner shall be responsible to paint the interior of the wall.

  • Wood fences shall be painted Haze Gray or other approved gray color. per the following formulas. No changes to be made to the formulas. Changes in base or any other components will change the color and are not acceptable.

  • PVC fences must be gray in color and must first be approved by the Board of Directors.


Fence Colors:

From the Citrus Glen Amended Covenants & Bylaws:

PVC or Wood fences shall be Haze Gray or new darker gray formula, per the following formulas. No changes to be made to the formulas. Changes in base or any other components will change the color and are not acceptable. Any other equivalent needs to use the original Porter Paint formula as base. PVC fences must also be either gray in color. All fences must first be approved by the Board of Directors via the A&E approval process.

Haze Gray (Light gray) Paint Formula

2nd Option - Darker Gray Fence Paint Color

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