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Hurricane Preparedness and Web Links


In an effort to provide our residents with the necessary information to help you to be prepared in the event a Severe Storm, Tropical Storm or Hurricane  should hit our area, we are providing you with the information below. This information should be taken seriously so you don't find yourself not prepared if a storm hits our area. As we all know, storms can leave us without Power and Water for days and sometimes weeks. The documents below will provide you with details of some of the items you will need before the storm, how to survive a storm and where you can find supplies like groceries, fuel and building materials after a storm even if the power is out. Remember, the Federal Government says we should be ready to survive without any assistance for at least 3 days after a storm goes through. My personal recommendation is to be ready for 2-3 weeks.


Remember, it is very important to help your neighbors both before and after the storm. Always make sure you are OK first and then reach out to your neighbors (at least on each side of you) and see if they need any help. This is the time to put any bad feelings out of the way and be there to help each other. You never know, when the storm is over it may be "you" that ends up needing help.


What can I expect from the Association after a storm? Don't forget, the association is "you" so we may be looking for volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will keep your information on file in the event we need your assistance.


The Clubhouse will be our Central Point of Communications. Even if the Clubhouse takes on severe damage, we will have information posted by where the front door is letting you know whatever we know regarding power outages, debris pick-up, clean-up operations, etc. Providing we have internet access, the Main Page of this Web Site will contain the same information. We have contractors who are ready to assist us once a storm goes through. We all must remember, even though we are used to things moving along at a normal pace, this is not the case after a storm. Everyone must exercise "patience" and understand that we are moving as fast as possible to restore the Common Areas as soon as possible.


 When it comes to your Power, Telephone, Cable TV, etc., it will be up to you to work with your provider to get your service restored. In most cases, this happens automatically and calling them will usually not do any good. If you find that your neighbors are having the same issue, take a wait and see approach. If your neighbor is not having the same problem, that is when you contact the particular utility and report your issue.


I could go on and on telling you more and more, but start researching all of the items below and after you have performed your research and still have a question, please feel free to contact us by e-mailing us at:





Do not soley depend on the information provided on this web site or any of the information contained herein.

It is up to each individual person to obtain the necessary information and supplies they feel they need to weather a storm.

Are you prepared? Check out these documents below!

Document Library

DocumentHurricanes - Before, During and After the StormThis is a contribution from one of our residents that contains a lot of Great Information regarding Hurricane preparedness.
DocumentHurricane Checklist- Are you ready?This is a great document that will get you thinking: "Am I ready for a Storm?
DocumentGas StationsHere is a list of various Gas Stations that have a backup power source. This means they should be open even if their Main Power is out.
DocumentHome Depot StoresHere is a list of Home Depot Stores that have a backup power source. This means they should be open even if their Main Power is out.
DocumentLowe's StoresHere is a list of Lowe's Stores that have a backup power source. This means they should be open even if their Main Power is out.
DocumentPublix Stores with GeneratorsHere is a list of Publix Stores that have a backup power source. This means they should be open even if their Main Power is out.
DocumentHurricane Shelters for 2016Here is a Map and list of Shelters for 2016. If you would consider going to a shelter, make sure you know where your closest shelter is. Don't forget your pets! Most shelters do not accept pets so call and find out what shelters will accept you and your pet(s).
DocumentHurricane Survival GuideThis a Great Resource that discusses Before the Storm, Landfall, After the Storm and General Information
Hurricane Preparedness Web Links

Palm Beach County Hurricane Preparedness:


FEMA- Hurricane Preparedness:
Florida Division of Emergency Management:


Palm Beach County Evacuation Tool:


Palm Beach County Emergency Management:


National Hurricane Center:


Spaghetti Models: (Great site for Tracking Storms)

Tropical Tidbits: (Great site for storm explanation)
WPTV (Local TV Station):


WFLX (Local TV Station):


City of Boynton Beach:


City of Boynton Beach Fire Department:


City of Boynton Beach Police Department:




Florida Power and Light:



Garage Door Braces:

Hurricane Volunteer Signup Form



On behalf of the Residents and the Board of Directors, I want to thank you in advance for signing up to volunteer in your community in the event your services are needed Before or After a Storm. The information you provide below will be kept confidential and only the Property Manager and the Board of Directors will have access to this information.